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Cartagena de Indias:

With the family

We know that family time is treasured, and thus, our mission is to ensure that every moment you are together is unequaled. If traveling with children, teenagers or grandparents, we are able to customize the experience for the entire family, creating lasting memories. Memories will include the joy of discovering new and wonderful scenarios, such as marine natural parks and the charm of the walled city. To get to know Cartagena de Indias is undoubtedly the best vacation attraction within the Caribbean Area, and to discover it with us is to potentiate the fun!

The Rosario Islands Archipelago,
natural Paradise

The trip to the Rosario Islands Archipelago is often unforgettable. From any of the several bay dockyards, boats depart daily to this natural paradise near Cartagena and there, in the midst of the sea, visiting the Aquarium is a great experience. Moreover, snorkeling practice is very appealing with certified instructors to provide in-depth security while appreciating the goodness of nature.


Stroll along
the walls

Ramparts and bastions are one of the greatest charms of Cartagena; therefore it is an essential program to stroll along them when visiting The Heroic City. The end of the day by the walls is usually romantic or meant to appreciate it with the family, depending on the purpose, and make a halt to appreciate from there the sunset by the sea, a real experience.



Tourism in Cartagena also includes good rhumba. In this range, many are the sites agreeable for dancing and set your sights on enjoying all night long, whether located at the tourist area within the historic town or any other places where music is featured by excellent groups and special shows.
Crossover, Electronic, Salsa, Merengue, Champeta, Folk … all nightlife options converge in one place, which is your favorite?


Sun, sand and beach

If it’s meant to enjoy the beaches, there are many possibilities in Cartagena. With year-round warm waters, tourists can take advantage of the visit and explore the beaches, where in addition, some water sports may also be practiced.
From the bay and Cartagena beaches, to the crystal clear waters at the Rosario Islands Archipelago, the site for vacationing to the rhythm of the sea is Cartagena.


When tours are entailed…

Tours to the most representative sites of Cartagena are constant and many means available, all fun and comfortable. Bikes are perfect for the historic old town; it allows enjoying the streets and squares within the daily life routine of the city. The typical buses (chivas) with their rhumba circuits reach key points, the same for Trolley buses, and do not forget the traditional horse-drawn carriages, which includes a fun compendium of local history by the driver.

Vacations at Capilla

Whether it is a trip to remember for a lifetime or a quick getaway that is close to home, our options top the list for traveling with children, cousins, uncles or grandparents.
Toddlers enjoy and discover the charm of being by the Caribbean Sea, seniors are fascinated with the culture at destination and the whole family lives the tropical charm, just a few steps from your room at Capilla del Mar Hotel.
We customize a getaway that each one will find it outstanding, invigorating and memorable.

Beachfront hotel

The warm waters, endless waves and beaches at Cartagena de Indias turn family vacations in a dream. Enjoy the warm and golden evenings, private spaces to guarantee comfort and relaxation, delicious food and beverage service. Have the benefit of sea breeze while eating lunch outdoors enjoying the Caribbean cuisine.

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Swimming pool

The Solarium pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea and the modern city is the perfect atmosphere for the whole family. Comfortably and peacefulness amusement, while everyone is taking a refreshing swim; allow our trained service staff: waiters, bartenders, lifesavers and pool attendants, to assist in all your requirements.

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Cooking lessons

Cooking meals for the entire family had never been so fun! Come and enjoy the best gastronomy of the Caribbean in our amusing cooking lessons. For youngsters, a didactic pizza class becomes the perfect complement.

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Cartagena secrets with David

One of the joys of traveling is to find a destination which allow visitors to immerse themselves in a completely different culture. With idiosyncratic history and culture, Cartagena de Indias is the place to visit, on account of it, Capilla del Mar offers an exceptionally different service to guests, both young and adults, acquiring the history and cultural secrets of Cartagena.

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For the kids


Recreationist December-January

Our staff will be happy to suggest and help organize appropriate activities according to age and family interests.
During the holiday season, leave children’s amusement in our hands with happenings including pizzas afternoons, movies with popcorn, plasticine and face paints, among other diversions.

*Check availability at reception desk.

Children’s Menu

Youngsters have their own specialized menu! Enjoy and share meals in all of our locations, with a la carte options with healthy and fun dishes.

For the family



In a city that is rapidly gaining reputation for its excellent gastronomy, Capilla del Mar Hotel offers some of the most desirable options in town.

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Pillow menu

The pillow of your dreams

After an amusing day with the family, nothing better than relaxing in our comfortable rooms and for that perfect restfulness, we offer the perfect pillow.

However, not just any type of pillow is suitable for you; there is one that adapts best to your sleeping position and gives you the pleasant relaxation you need.

Consequently, Capilla del Mar has created a relaxing pillow menu for you to pick the one suitable for your perfect sleeping.

Upon arrival to the hotel, do not forget to order your pillow menu where you will find many alternatives for you to select and meant for appropriate relaxation.


Firm or compact pillow: Appropriate for side sleepers, it has larger filling to sustain your neck firmly and without rotations.

Medium Pillow: It is suitable for those who sleep resting on their backs. It is characterized by a combination of fibers that will provide a fixed and balanced texture.

Soft pillow: Recommended specially for those who sleep on their stomachs, it has a more adaptable and soft padding, fiber or feather filling may be ordered.