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Who we are

Located at Cartagena de Indias, Colombia and with the privilege of being by beachfront, we offer the best leisure and relaxation experience in the city. Enjoy the modern tourist area of Bocagrande, one of the most emblematic areas of the city; holding a variety of businesses like restaurants, bars, discos, nightclubs, in addition to the most important worldwide commercial trademarks.

A modern 5 stars hotel infrastructure and services ensuring perfect sleeping experience and gastronomy, offering tourists and executives, a warm and friendly experience, focused to details.

Enjoy the charm and history of Cartagena’s old area, just 10 minutes away from the hotel, being the airport only 15 minutes away from our premises.


Our history is extremely linked with the country’s political, commercial, and emotional reminiscences. It is not an exaggeration to ensure that due to Capilla del Mar Hotel’s inauguration on October 12, 1976, was closely interrelated with the high property value and commercial boom of the Bocagrande area at that time.

It is a complete fantasy to envisage the King and Queen of Spain, landing in Barranquilla 30 years ago, boarding a helicopter to bring them to the fields of neighboring La Boquilla settlement, in order to conveniently embark the flagship of the Spanish Armada; continuing the trip escorted by several war ship units from Spain and Colombia in an unprecedented grand parade, navigating throughout the city’s bay, coming ashore at Bocagrande area, flanked by hoot and siren resonances with the background sound of 21 roaring cannons shots to honor the distinguished visitors. At port they were greeted by a royal party of 134 personalities headed by the Colombian President Alfonso Lopez, in addition to 80 journalists from all over the world, who broadcasted the biggest event of the time in 28 languages.

Cartagena’s distinguished visitors were lodged at Capilla del Mar Hotel, and indeed became our royal guests, in addition the site was known then as the Kings’ Hotel.

Today, more than 30 years later, on account of the five-star certification, Capilla del Mar Hotel is recognized in the city as an emblem and traditional hotel; actually being a venue featured

with modern infrastructure and innovative services; where not only rooms but also the common areas, have had exceptional and positive modifications, providing all commodities and facilities as those submitted at a high standard hotel, displaying business and leisure travelers a warm and friendly experience, focused to details plus the kindheartedness of our staff.

Service culture

We strive to be creative and innovative throughout amazing details, we make every effort so our guests and customers experience cheerful moments.

As Capilla family, our warmth and availability generates unique experiences and feelings in those who choose us as their home in Cartagena.

Social responsability

Capilla del Mar Hotel activities are stimulated by the environmental preservation in addition to regional heritage conservation.

We improve the region’s fishermen and beekeepers quality of life, by purchasing their products and formalization of their productive activity.

We buy aromatic herbal plants grown in productive backyards owned by low income families, helping them in developing a productive and subsistence activity.

We promote the International Code of Conduct for the protection of children and adolescents from sexual exploitation in travel and tourism.

We invest in the development of young entrepreneurs, training them in Table and Bar Services, offering them an opportunity for professional development.

We incorporate disabled youngsters to our organization, providing them with a job opportunity, recalling that the source of a healthy living relies on joy, generosity, innocence and diversity.

We support education, health and development aiming to raise quality of life of vulnerable population located at La Boquilla town and surrounding rural settlements.