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Vista centro historico cartagena de indias

Cartagena de Indias

About the walled city

Cartagena de Indias, colonial walled city, located at the Caribbean Colombian Coast.

A city easily accessible either by air, land or sea, receives thousands of tourists per year to visit its cultural fascinations, entangling magic and the perfect tropical climate for vacationing or working.

Those who visit, find pleasure in the Caribbean Sea warm waters throughout the year with an average temperature of 30 centigrade, outlines a suitable tourist destination to visit any time of the year.

Declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site; is a living memory of the America’s Spanish conquest. Throughout its streets, ramparts and fortifications, it seems that still one can hear the fierce attacks by buccaneers and corsairs. City of trade: slaves and saints, oversized houses, churches and cloisters, whispering their over 500 years’ secrets and legends. There isn’t any other like Cartagena de Indias, with its balconies, irresistible music, exotic flavors, beaches and sea.


If your greatest longing is to find the perfect tropical weather on any day of the year, do not hesitate to come and visit Cartagena de Indias, a venue with a classic tropical climate, warm weather all year round with minimum seasonal temperature changes. Different stations are only perceived by the amount of rain fall but not in temperature.

In general, you may enjoy two seasons; a warm and dry one, running from December to April and a warm rainy season, from May to November.



Founded in 1533 by the Spanish conquistador Don Pedro de Heredia, Cartagena became the starting and completion point for galleons’ route between the Iberian Peninsula and the New World. To defend the city from corsair and buccaneer attacks, a superb fortification encirclement within Colonial America was built, consisting of 21 bastions, 11 kilometers of walls, 7 forts, 14 cloisters, churches, colonial convents, 7 museums, 15  historical plazas and squares.

Walls, sun and beach

One of the greatest charms of Cartagena is sustained in its ramparts and bastions, and thus, strolling along them is an essential program when visiting The Heroic City. Nightfall by the walls may be romantic or meant to be appreciated with the family, depending on the purpose, and make a halt to appreciate from this site the sunset by the sea, a real experience.

Cartagena offers 50 exotic islands located 40 minutes away by boat, 6 ecological protected areas and 18,000 hectares of marine and submarine parks, in addition to its extensive beaches. It is a pleasure to explore the rich Caribbean flora in the Botanical Garden and enjoy the healthy effect of a mud bath at Volcan del Totumo (Gourd’s Volcano).

Plans to enjoy

Cartagena de Indias is an unparalleled experience as far as gastronomy is concerned. Visitors can enjoy a range of fusion cuisine in restaurants and cafes by Bay Shore, outdoors at colonial plazas, on a fort’s tower or within the modern city. From seafaring traditional dishes fused with the Caribbean essence of coconut, mango or banana, to Arab influence food, are some of the delights offered by Cartagena.

Bars and discotheques located on colonial ruins, ramparts and historical plazas, are the scenarios to party all night long and by dawn, be delighted with the spectacular Heroic City’s sunrise.

Not to forget

Clothing should be lighter, versatile and above all, comfortable upon arrival to Cartagena. Garments that cannot be left out from a tourist’s luggage are bathing suits, because it is impossible to resist the warmth of the sea; starting from this issue, everything turns out to be simple, but framed in good taste.

While its summer weather year round, many sites require appropriate attires, therefore the best choices for a basic and suitable wardrobe, are linen clothes in spring pale colors complemented with sandal shoes. The classic guayabera shirt, grabs center stage for gentlemen and for ladies, light outfits are appropriate for any outdoor event.